We are presently funded entirely by our founding committee.

We are now incorporated as a non-profit association, according to our Constitution.

Our next step is to nationally register as a “Registrable Australian Body” then register as a charity, and in due course, we may (on advice from our legal and financial advisors) transition to a company limited by guarantee.

A long but an essential process to ensure all of the right mechanisms are in place to ensure transparency and regulatory compliance.

Until achieving that status, our revenue will be limited to membership fees.

Instead of financial support, we are seeking contributions in kind. In particular, relevant:

  • inspirational stories
  • audio files
  • video files
  • photographs
  • anything else you think may be useful in our internet presence.

If you have particular skills and experience in the not-for-profit/charitable enterprise and are able to participate by contributing in the areas of

  • accounting/auditing compliance
  • legal compliance
  • fundraising/grants
  • member services
  • events management

please use the email link on the floating share panel on the left of pages to let us know what you can offer. (the panel is hidden on mobile devices — instead use the contact page)